On June 17, 2010 the Ministry of Education approved a plan to hang anti-genocide memorials across all Cambodian high schools to remind students of the importance of learning about the history of Democratic Kampuchea and to serve as memorial to those who lost their lives. Engraved on these memorials are two messages: (1) “Talking about experiences during the Khmer Rouge regime is to promote reconciliation and to educate children about forgiveness and tolerance;” and (2) “Learning about the history of Democratic Kampuchea is to prevent genocide.”


These two messages remind us of the critical relationship between education, memory and history in genocide prevention. Under the Khmer Rouge regime, schools were banded and there was no formal education. This educational paralysis lingers in modern-day Cambodia where children know little and believe even less in the events that took place during Democratic Kampuchea. These anti-genocide memorials, to be displayed in all 1,700 high schools, create a powerful collective message that helps to reserve this educational paralysis.


Working together, DC-Cam along with former students of each high school will design and raise funds for each memorial, bringing together the survivor generation and those born after the regime, for the sake of future generations. We also hope that outside contributors, such as community members and local organizations, will also kindly contribute to this important mission of genocide education and prevention.

  l Indra Devi High School, October 1, 2010    
  l Russey Keo High School, October 2, 2010    
  l Sisowath High School, December 9, 2010    
  l Hun Sen Ang Snuol High School, December 13, 2010    
  l Tuol Tum Pong High School, January 10, 2011
  l Chea Sim Santhor Mok High Shool, January 25, 2011    
  l Beoung Trabek High Shool, February 19, 2011    
  l Bak Touk High School, March 14, 2011    
  l Chba Ampov High School, March 18, 2011    
  l Yukunthor High School, May 20, 2011    
  l Preah Beida Cheat High School, June 21, 2011    
  l 10 Makara High School, October 10, 2011    
l Hun Sen Mondul Kiri High School, October 26, 2011
  l Wat Koh High School, December 23, 2011    
  l Hun Sen Krung Tep Nimit Pailin High School, May 30, 2012
  l People of Anlong Veng and her Culture    
  l Malai High School, May 10, 2013    
  l Hun Sen Ang Chork High School, December 09, 2014
  l Prey Lvea High School, July 01, 2016
  l Boeng Ta Pream Primary School, June 22, 2017
  l Trapeang Prasat high school, September 25, 2017: Photo | Report
  l Banteay Chmar High School, October 02, 2017: Photo | Report
  l Sampeou Loun High School, October 09, 2017: Photo | Report
  l Kamrieng High School, October 16, 2017: Photo | Report
  l Bramouy High School, October 23, 2017: Photo | Report

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    Pheng Phong-Rasy (M.A. De La Salle)
Team Leader
    Min Sanas