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Record No English Title
D00001 Book of trial record of the people of the Cambodian Revolution in Phnom Penh
D00002 Genocide photos document in Koh Thom District Part 1 and 2
D00003 News articles on genocide committed by Pol Pot, Ieng Sary and Khieu Samphan
D00004 Proces-Verbal No 60 MRSR, on the testinomy of Sum Rithy
D00005 Report No 1680, affirm about the Heritage and genocide massacre sites of the Office of Culture and Information of Kandal Province
D00006 Report on genocide center and ancient temples made by Office of Culture and Information of Svay Rieng Province
D00007 Interior Ministry's note on interrogating of Sister Ngem Hun from Komar Meas village, Amleang sub-district, Thpong District, Kampong Speu Province
D00008 Photos on dig up the corpse graves and the evidence material
D00009 Criminal Overall statistics during 1975-78 of the Nation Council of United Front for construction, protection of Kampuchea Native Land.
D00010 Interview with Comrade Thaong Sen, Doctor in charge of Treatise in Takeo province
D00011 Interview with Comrade Ung Sem, Permanent member in Prey Kabas District
D00012 Interview with president of Revolutionary People's Committee of Prey Kabas District
D00013 Interview with Comrade Mann Seng, victim in Krang Ta Chan prison in Tram Kak
D00014 Interview with Comrade Ton La, victim in Russei Srok prison in Prey Kabas District
D00015 Interview with Comrade Tuy Kin, cadre member at S-21 prison during the Khmer Rouge regime
D00016 Interview with Comrade Him Huy, former Khmer Rouge cadre member of S-21 prison
D00017 Interview with Comrade Ruy Neakong, Former victim at S-21 Office
D00018 Interview with Comrade Ing Pech, Former victim at S-21 Office
D00019 Statistics of the victims in Tuol Sleng Prison
D00020 Statistics of 100 families in Phsar Daem Thkauv, Phnom Penh
D00021 Statistics of 100 families in tyre factory, Ta Khmao
D00022 Statistics of 100 families in Phteah Muoy Rory Khnang sub-district, Phnom Penh
D00023 Statistics of ancient temples and massacre graves in Kampong Thom province
D00024 Outcome of exploration of genocide sites throughout Svay Rieng province
D00025 Statement of Foreign Affairs Ministry, on verdict of Revolutionary People's tribunal in Phnom Penh, judge Pol Pot and Ieng Sary Genocide Group
D00026 Report on Pol Pot's and Ieng Sary's crimes against on the culture, media and information field in Cambodia
D00027 Report on investigation into Pol Pot and Ieng Sary's genocide against Phnom Penh people
D00028 Report on Pol Pot's genocide in Bati District
D00029 Report on genocide in Treang District
D00030 Report on genocide in Takeo
D00031 Temporary file on Pol Pot's genocide in Takeo
D00032 Report on genocide in Tram Kak District
D00033 Interview with Comrade Pim Ram, age 42, living in Krang Ta Chan village, Tram Kak District, Kandal
D00034 Special file on Tuol Sleng prison
D00035 Victims
D00036 Instruction about the Planning to uncover Pol Pot's genocide in Battambang
D00037 Descriptions on genocide committed by Pol Pot, Ieng Sary and Khieu Samphan
D00038 Report on digging of graves where US bodies were buried
D00039 Report on Pol Pot's genocide in Takeo
D00040 Report on search for genocide in center of Takeo
D00041 Request the Introduction card used to communicate with Ministry of Health
D00042 Plan to reveal genocide in provinces and districts
D00043 Report on genocide in Prey Kabas District
D00044 Circulars No 08 on celebration of Revenge Day on May 20th
D00045 May 20 (Bat Peak Prampi/kind of carol)
D00046 People's Revolutionary tribunal held in Phnom Penh for the trial of the crime of Genocide commited by the Pol Pot-Eang Sary clique.
D00047 Act of treason by Yu Mengkry, former Vice-president of S-21prison
D00048 Condition of Party on February 18, 1976
D00049 Biography of Comrade Tiv Ol aka Penh (1950-76)
D00050 Diary of Nhim Sim aks Saut, former farmer prior to his arrest and then admission into Battalion 701, Regiment 601, Division 174, Central Zone
D00051 Answers on treason by Di Leng aka Pheap from Sub-division 5, Battalion 601, Division 174, Central Zone
D00052 Answers on treason by Phok Om aka Heang, member of Art and media Committee
D00053 Biography of Ros Phuon
D00054 Notes on questioning of Sin Chhuon
D00055 Treason by Thaong Chheum, Security Manager in Koh Chey District, Region 24, Eastern Zone
D00056 Notes on answers by Lim Sunbaklim, former student and Laotian soldier, and Vietnamese spy on his arrest
D00057 Biography of Lady Comrade Bou Samut, former farmer, and on her arrest, chief of women group of Khum Chuo Tauch Cooperative, Raum District, Region 105
D00058 Further report of Yim Sambat
D00059 Biography of Chhoeung Chhveng aka Un Seng
D00060 Notes on questioning of Chet Riem aka Meak
D00061 Act of treason by Chhuon Oeun aka Boeun
D00062 Answers by Sok Yon aka Yot, Secretary of Company on Um Riem's biography, Secretary of Division 190
D00063 Act of treason by Nob Soeun
D00064 Admission of involvement by Ing Bunhour aka Khmao, Ministry of Industry
D00065 Chhay Uom, Under-Secretary of Battalion 415, Regiment 40, Division 1
D00066 Act of treason by Chheong Chuon aka Loeun, member of Northwest Commerce
D00067 Answers by Hou Nim aka Phoas, Ministry of Information on CIA
D00068 Answers by Uong Chhuongheong aka Han, Chief of gasoline warehouse in Russei Keo
D00069 Biography and act of treason by Kven Ngok aka Leng, Secretary for Battalion 2, Region 105
D00070 Thirteen (13) decades of Cambodia's Evolution (Nature of KR Regime)
D00071 Act of treason by Pen Vassai aka Sai or Tel, technological assistant at Ministry of Social Affairs
D00072 Report on answers of Koam Chan, Secretary at Region 43, Central Zone
D00073 Answers on personal data by Heng Pich aka Chan, B-1 soldier, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
D00074 Solidarity, internal unity in Party (Lesson 10)
D00075 Schools and new army
D00076 Strengthening view and analysis of class status, and stance on status struggle
D00077 Division of class status, conflicts over it, and status struggle in Cambodian society
D00078 Values of Peple's Revolution in Culture
D00079 In today's situation, try the best to see through and to get rid of individualism
D00080 Getting rid of individualism and taking up feeling of absolute revolutionary war
D00081 Biography of Ul Ham, Secretary at Mobile Work Battalion, Regiment 40,Division 1, Northwestern Zone
D00082 Report on intellectuals' activities made on seminar on 40th anniversary of Treaty to Prevent And Punish Criminals of Genocide (December 9th, 1948 - December 9th, 1988)
D00083 Biography of Ney Ros aka Yi, Deputy Chief of Production, Art and Media Team
D00084 Cambodian students ( August 14th, 1952)
D00085 Five fronts by Communist Vietnam to kill out Cambodian citizens and nationals
D00086 Great solidarity under Revolutionary Flag Number one in 1980
D00087 Shihanouk's film about his request for Vietnam to help save Cambodia here and there (Tham Vandong's word)
D00088 Letter of confirmation of Ya Phally, young girl victimized in KR regime
D00089 Case of Hoh, Kampong Thom Commerce, according to admission by Suon aka Chan
D00090 Answers by Prum Thy aka Chheng, Lady Militant for raising animals in P-17 Hospital
D00091 Drafted motion of favor by cadres, staff, workers at Kampong Som Port
D00092 Revolutionary Yuveakchun Yuveakneary (Revolutionary Youth) Magazine issued on September 2nd, 1973
D00093 Revolutionary Yuveakchun Yuveakneary (Revolutionary Youth) Magazine issued on August 08th, 1975
D00094 Revolutionary Yuveakchun Yuveakneary (Revolutionary Youth) Magazine issued on November 11th, 1975
D00095 Revolutionary Yuveakchun Yuveakneary (Revolutionary Youth) Magazine issued in 1975
D00096 Revolutionary Yuveakchun Yuveakneary (Revolutionary Youth) Magazine issued on June 06th, 1976
D00097 Cambodian youth future
D00098 Twelve families linked to Trung Leb Newspaper's people and hiding of traitors at Division 164
D00099 Arrangements and management of treasonous forces and Act of treason against Revolution after liberation
D00100 Additional report on Lai by Koy Thuon
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