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Jadranko Prlic

Jadranko Prlic´ graduated from School of Economics, University of Mostar and gained his Master and Doctor degrees at the Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo. Dr Prlic´ is professor of Economics and International Economics, at the School of Economics of the Mostar University (1987). As guest lecturer, Dr Prlic´ lectured at numerous prominent universities and institutions, including Colombia University, Bologna University, John Hopkins University. He was mayor of City of Mostar, then deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the war in the former Yugoslavia, Dr Prlic´ was member and official of the highest leadership of Croatian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina; appointed Prime Minister of the Interim Bosnia and Herzegovina Government in May 1993; appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence in the same government. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1996 to February 2001, when he was appointed deputy Minister for Foreign Trade and Economy.

Publications include: Policy of Fluctuating Exchange Rates (1990), Imperfect Peace (1998), Fuga dalla Storia (Escape from Past – 2000), Return to Europe (2002), substantial number of scientific and professional articles in the field of international economy, foreign policy and international relations.

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Message by Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Mr Jadranko Prlic

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