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Jakob Finci

Jakob Finci was born immediately after the liberation of his parents from an Italian detention camp on October 1st 1943, in an old Jewish Sephardic family. He graduated from the Faculty of Law in Sarajevo, and from 1966 was practicing lawyer, specialized in international commercial law. He was also active in the Jewish Community, and has been a founder of a reborn Jewish cultural, educational and humanitarian society, La Benevolencija. 1993 President of La Benevolencija; 1995 First elected President of the Jewish Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Board member of Open Society Foundation BiH (Soros Foundation); 1997 One of the founding fathers of the Inter religious Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina; first President of IRC; February 2000 elected Chairman of the National Coordinating Committee for Establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Bosnia and Herzegovina; February 2001 High Representative appointed him to Chair the Constitutional Commission of the Federal Parliament. He frequently lectures in different matters, such as international commercial law, privatization, conflict resolution, interethnic coexistence etc.

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Why do we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

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