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Leon Kieres

Graduated from Wroclaw University Law School; received his Ph.D. in 1975, and in 1985 he became Assistant Professor. He has taught at Wroclaw University since 1971, since 1999 as a full Professor. From September 1980 to June 2000 he was a member of the Solidarity movement; legal authority on the Board of Directors of the Lower Silesia Independent Trade Union Solidarity. Councilor of the Wroclaw City Council and the Chairman of the Seym Council Presidium (1990); Co-chairman of the Board of the Foundation for the Polish and German Cooperation (1993); elected senator in the Senate of the Republic of Poland (1997). Vice- Chairman of the Senate Territorial Council Committee Administration; member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Committee for European Integration. From 1992 prof. Kieres has been representing Poland to the Congress of Europe’s Local and Regional Authorities in Strasbourg; from 1998 he has represented Poland to the European Cabinet Parliament Assembly. On June 8th, 2000, Mr. Kieres was elected President of the Institute of National Remembrance. Leon Kieres is the author of over one hundred and forty publications, numerous legal evaluations pertaining to administrative law and economic administrative law.

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Legacy of the past

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