Documentation Center of Cambodia


Genocide Education in Cambodia

Commune Teacher Training at Regional Pedagogy Training Center of Kandal Province

 April 6, 2011, Kandal Province, Cambodia

Photo by: Rasy P. Pheng and Socheat Nhean

Today—April 6, 2011—all trainees watched some short documentary films. The first film was about S-21. The second one was about a prison site at the Baset Mountain; the third was about a prison site in Prey Veng province, the fourth one was about Cambodian children in 1979 and the last film was about the official visit of North Vietnamese delegates in the Khmer Rouge liberated zone of Kampong Cham Province in 1973.


Then, all trainees were taught about Chapter 3 and 4 of the textbook History of Democratic Kampuchea 1975-1979 and Teachers’ Guidebook. Trainees were divided into small groups to practice teaching. The activities were monitored and evaluated by National Teachers and DC-Cam experts.