Documentation Center of Cambodia


Genocide Education in Cambodia

Commune Teacher Training at Regional Pedagogy Training Center of Kandal Province

 April 11, 2011, Kandal Province, Cambodia

Photo by: Dara P. Vanthan and Rasy P. Pheng

The fourth commune teacher workshop, which began on April 5, ended today. Held at two separated sites—Phnom Penh Pedagogy Teacher Training Center and Takmao Pedagogy Teacher Training Center—the workshop was attended by 144 history teachers.


In cooperation between the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and the Documentation Center of Cambodia, all teachers where taught about the methodology on how to teach the history of Democratic Kampuchea and other related topics such as genocide and mass atrocities in other countries and international law.


All participants were history teachers while others were responsible for designing school curriculum at the Ministry. At least, one history teacher was a former Khmer Rouge soldier. Another one was a young woman who just delivered a baby a month ago.


Through this workshop, it is expected that students will be taught more about the history of Democratic Kampuchea, which aimed at promoting peace and reconciliation in the country. As the director of Phnom Penh Education Department Chea Cheat said “the history of the Democratic Kampuchea is very important for everyone. Everyone has to know the bitter history. We learn history in order to reconcile each other.”