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Genocide Education in Cambodia

Commune Teacher Training at Kampong Speu Regional Teacher Training School

 September 1-7, 2011, Kampong Speu, Cambodia

Photo by: Dara P. Vanthan, Dany Long, Socheat Nhean, Khamboly Dy, and Sovann Mam

The seventh commune teacher training were conducted from September 1-7, 2011 in Kampong Speu. Seventy-two history teachers were from all high schools in Kampong Speu.


Dr. Ka Sunbaunat, presented a paper on Khmer Rouge survivor and psychiatrist discussed, “The Impact: How History Teacher Who Were Victim of the Khmer Rouge Teaching the Khmer Rouge History to the Students Who Are the Children of the Khmer Rouge Perpetrators.” and led a Q&A session with the teachers in the morning of September 6—after the film screening: Kampuchea Children.