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Foreword by the Prime Minister of Sweden, Göran Persson
Persson, Göran


During three intensive days at the end of January, many government officials, international experts, survivors, journalists and others took part in the Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust. Our intention, supported by the other Task Force members, was to offer a meeting-place in which knowledge and experience in Holocaust education, remembrance and research could be shared. We wanted to offer the international community an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to the important work being done, and which needs to be done, in these areas. We sought to place recognition of the urgent necessity of combating racism, antisemitism, ethnic hatred and ignorance of the past on the daily agenda of the international community. Since January, many participants have expressed their appreciation of the work and goals of the Forum, often stressing its importance for our common future. As host nation, these expressions of support give us of course great satisfaction. The Stockholm Declaration, presented at the closing plenary session on 28 January, clearly articulates the many tasks awaiting our attention, whether we are in government, academia or other related fields.

It gives me great pleasure to present you with the Final Report of the Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust. At the same time, I wish to thank you again for your contribution to the success of the Forum. During the period of preparation, we were gratified by the great interest and support offered by participating states, invited experts, and many others. The impressive response to the Forum, not least the high level political participation, was indeed a most welcome and encouraging manifestation of international solidarity which surely will help us, as noted in the words of the Stockholm Declaration, to join forces ”to reaffirm humanity’s common aspiration for mutual understanding and justice”.


Göran Persson
Prime Minister of Sweden

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