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Introduction Film - Right Wing Extremism in Sweden

Right wing extremism in Sweden, a film produced by Sveriges Television

A number of highly provocative demonstrations have shaken Sweden to the core. In towns like Alingsås cries of "White power - Jewish slaughter" have echoed through the streets, and in Trollhättan the mosque was burned to the ground. The Swedish principle of freedom of speech has been exploited systematically in order to spread racist and neo-Nazi messages.

A series of violent crimes with their roots in Nazi ideas shook Sweden in the 80s and 90s, when homosexuals, police officers, a trade unionist - and even a child - were murdered.

Swedish right wing extremist groups also play a major role in the international arena by producing and spreading messages via the Internet, music and publications and by taking part in international events and demonstrations.

The grim truth is that the main message of racism - "We are superior, they are inferior" - has had a powerful impact on young people in Sweden today.

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