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Programme Conference II

The Stockholm International Forum Conference on Combating Intolerance
Stockholm, Sweden, 29 39 January 2001

Tuesday 30 January

9.00 - 9.30 Plenary Session II
Introductory remarks: Mrs. Lena Hjelm-Wallén, Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden
Messages by Heads of Delegation:
Mr Heinz Fischer, Speaker of Parliament, Austria
Mr Dimitar Dimitrov, Minister of Scinece and Education, Bulgaria
Mr Mahmoud Fargal, Assistant Foreign Minister, Egypt
Mr Michel Duffour, Deputy Minister for Culture and Communication, France

10.00 - 11.30 Workshops/Seminars, Session C

1 C. Educational Strategies Against Intolerance
Message by Head of Delegation Mr Alexey Kisilev, Deputy Minister of Education, Russian Federation
Moderator: Dr. Stephen Smith, Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre, UK
Panel: Mr Gurbux Singh, Commission for Racial Equality, UK,
Ms Ekaterina Genieva, President, Open Society Institute, Russian Federation,
Ms Antje Rothemund, Executive Director, European Youth Centre,
Professor Irena Veisaite, Open Society Fund, Lithuania

2 C. Legislation: Possiblilities, Limits, and Effects
Message from Head of Delegation, Hon Dr Tonio Borg, Minister for Home Affairs, Malta
Moderator: Dr Peter Nobel, Member of the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Sweden
Panel: Dr Jeanine Cogan, Center for Reseach, Policy & Action, USA,
Dr Hans-Jürgen Förster, Ministry of Interior, Germany,
Mr Bob Purkiss M.B.E., Commission for Racial Equality, UK,
Professor Daniel Tarschys, Stockholm University, Sweden

3 C. Local Communities: Problems, Strategies, and Actions
Messages from Heads of Delegation Mr Hipolito Solari Yrigoyen, Ambassador, Argentina
and Mr Ivan Bizjak, Minister of Justice, Slovenia
Moderators: Jaap van Donselaar, Leiden University, Netherlands and Dr Beate Winkler, Director, European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia, Austria
Panel: Professor Roger Eatwell, University of Bath, UK,
Professor Hubert Locke, Wahington State University, USA,
Dr Robin Oakley, Independant consultant, UK,
Professor Köysti Pekonen, University of Helsinki, Finland

4 C. The Role and Influence of Media
Moderators: Ms Judith Vidal-Hall, Index on Censorship, UK and Mr Arne Ruth, Sweden
Panel: Dr Marie Gillespie, University of Wales - Swansea, UK,
Mr Rafal Pankowski, Never Again Association, Poland,
Mr Toralf Staud, Die Zeit, Germany,
Mr Carl Wennerstrand, Chairman the Committee of Integration, Växjö Municipality, Sweden

11.45 - 12.45 Closing Session
Moderator: Mrs. Lena Hjelm-Wallén, Deputy Prime Minister
Messages by Heads of Delegation:
Mr Ilir Meta, Prime Minister, Republic of Albania
Mr Pál Csáky, Deputy Prime Minister for Human and Minority Rights and regional Development, Slovak Republic
Mr George Papandreou, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Greece
Mr Paul Boateng, MP, Minister of State and Deputy Home Secretary, UK
Ms Carolina Tohá, Vice-Minister of the Secretary General of Government, Chile
Mr Enrique Múgica Herzog, Ombudsman, Spain
Mr Rouben Shugarian, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Armenia
Mr Ian Hancock, University of Texas – Austin, USA
Mr. Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, former Auschwitz prisoner, President of the International Auschwitz Committee

  Written messages from Heads of Delegation
Mrs Rodica Mihaela Stanoiu, Minister of Justice, Romania
Mr José Gregori, Minister of Justice, Brazil

  Closing Address:
Mr Göran Persson, Prime Minister, Sweden

Performance on fluit, Sarabande from Partita, A-minor, by Magnus Irving

Press conference with Prime Minister Göran Persson

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Monday 29 January

Tuesday 30 January
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