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Latvia HoD: IngrÓda Labucka
IngrÓda Labucka
LatviaHoD: Artis Bertulis
Artis Bertulis
Dace Rutka
Nils Sakss
Lithuania HoD: Justas Vincas
Justas Vincas
LithuaniaHoD: Gediminas Dalinkevicius
Gediminas Dalinkevicius
Ina Marciulionyte
Emanuelis Zingeris
Luxembourg HoD: Francois Bremer
Francois Bremer
LuxemburgHoD: Paul Dostert
Paul Dostert
Malta HoD: George Pullicino
George Pullicino
MaltaHoD: Stephen Borg
Stephen Borg
Maria Calleja
Norway HoD: Odd Einar DÝrum
Odd Einar DÝrum
NorwayHoD: VebjŲrn Dysvik
VebjŲrn Dysvik
Tonje Meinich
Berit Reisel
Poland HoD: Marek Prawda
Marek Prawda
PolandHoD: Leon Kieres
Leon Kieres
Portugal HoD: Joao Pedro Zanatti
Joao Pedro Zanatti
PortugalHoD: Pedro Ad„o
Pedro Ad„o
Romania HoD: Vasile DÓncu
Vasile DÓncu
RomaniaHoD: Dorel Dorian
Dorel Dorian
Russia HoD: Vladimir Yurievich Zorin
Vladimir Yurievich Zorin

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